10 non-technical tips to become a Superb Tester

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10 non-technical tips to become a Superb Tester

It’s enough to have some technical skills for being a tester but becoming a better and effective tester demands more than that.

I share the following 10 non-technical tips that help you improve your efficiency to become a superb tester.

1. Don’t test right away

Don’t forget the first basic rule before testing, Read the requirement carefully! It’s important that you understand the requirement because you set up your test approaches based on that. So, if you are not certain about a requirement, don’t hesitate to ask for more information until you get a big clear picture.

It’s always better to spend more time on understanding the system than start testing unclear one.

2. Ask questions rather than assuming

As a tester you don’t have any right to have an assumption, instead you have all the rights to question everything any time.

Some people have a fear of looking dumb or unknowledgeable. Accept the fact that you don’t know everything neither does Google!

Asking a good question is a key here and shows how experience and intelligent you are to make sure everything is clear enough.

3. Be prepared to face Murphy’s Law!

Testing is like playing a time limited game, you don’t have enough time to test everything; besides, Testing everything won’t give you a good result. You must simplify and be clear what and when needs to be tested. You know yourself better than anyone else that how much workload you have and how slow/fast you are. Always plan and have strategy for testing.

Be realistic! “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”, so have an extra plan and a good approach strategy just in case. Don’t worry, they are not written on stone, you can adjust your plan and strategy later based on situation.

4. Have a tactic to communicate

Communication is one of the skills that a tester needs to have. Deal with everyone around you and choose your communication channel wisely and change it time to time! sometime meeting people in person and have a conversation is more effective than writing 10 emails.

5. Don’t talk about work all the time!

Be an icebreaker in your team. Find out about other team members’ interest and chitchat about it. This will take relation among co-workers to the next level. Sometimes you don’t need to talk at all, just be a good listener!

It’s important to bond with your colleagues. Making a good friendship environment in a team, is a win-win situation for the team members and the project!

6. Care for quality!

It’s your job as a tester to find the bug but it doesn’t mean that you can’t suggest improvement or share ideas. Report everything you found even the simple bug, never think it can be ignored.

“Quality is never an accident”! Be intelligent, think out of box and share your ideas, that will help not only to improve the quality but also to increase your reputation.

7. Be diplomatic!

This is my favourite software testing humour:

“Developer: There is no I in TEAM.
Tester: We can’t spell BUGS without U!”

Be careful not to be rude and criticize anyone’s work especially developers, your focus should be on finding the bug in a system and improving the quality not pointing out the finger to the person who made a mistake!

8. Don’t be optimistic!

It doesn’t mean you have to be pessimistic all the time! Sometimes, being optimistic and say, “What can possibly go wrong!”  won’t help.

For example, when it comes to add a new functionality to the existing system, never trust “old functionality always works”. In this case, be pessimistic and do the regression testing. You won’t regret it!

9. Change your glasses!

A good tester can see something that someone else hasn’t seen! So be creative and think beyond what is expected.

Be a role player and find all possible way that different type of users may interact with system both positive and negative way! Clear your thoughts, change your glasses and try to see things from a different perspective.

10. Keep learning and move on

Time, life, business, technology, everything is moving forward and won’t wait for you!

Save time for yourself to keep your knowledge updated. Learn about your mistakes and turn them into a valuable experience.

Don’t take criticism too personal, not all of it is true! Find out the true part and work on it to make it better and ignore the rest!

Be brave! Use your knowledge and skills to take a risk and accept new challenges.


Remember! It’s your choice to be a superb tester or remain a tester!

If you decide to start from today and work on improving skills, keep in mind that Things won’t change over the night, therefore be patient and don’t give up trying.

Written by Sherry Johansson

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