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Avega improves business, society and people’s lives through digital transformation.


We support the customer through the transformation process required to realize the opportunities that digitalization creates. We convert strategies into tactical and operational reality, develop the customers’ businesses, processes and architecture, as well as streamlining work through agile methods. Our services include Transformation & Change, digital strategy and management, strategic architecture, agile transformation, IT Management, as well as business analysis, management of requirements and supervision of testing.

Standard platforms

We support innovation, streamlining and management of operations through procurement, planning and the implementation of business systems and platforms from SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, as well as supplementary standard solutions for specific business processes.

Customized solutions

We work with all aspects of development using technology – from analysis and specification of requirements, to architecture and systems development. With our expertise in systems development, architecture and infrastructure, we contribute to creating the digital solutions of the future.