Inställt: A recess in workshop facilitating

Elevate Program | March 26

Inställt: A Recess in Workshop Facilitating

We  now have the opportunity to listen and work together with Nick Martin, WorkshopBank, try out new techniques and views together in the field of facilitating a workshop.

During this session we will walk through a ”case” with some old and new methods, exercises, have the opportunity to discuss and ask questions.

The session will be in English, but Nick understands some Swedish since he is working out of Copenhagen, Denmark.

About the speaker
Nick Martin is a consultant with 20 years experience in change management and workshop facilitation spending all his time these days supporting the 250,000 people membership of WorkshopBank. He helps hundreds of consultancies like ours across the world with workshop tools, processes and advice. He’s looking forward to working with us to help Avega Group grow in this action learning workshop

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