Internet of Things helps the world become better

Föreläsningar | 30 maj, 2016

Internet of Things helps the world become better

Over half of the world’s population lives in urban areas today and that proportion will increase to 2/3 by 2050.

We will see the number of mega cities (over 10 million inhabitants) double by then. Humanity is facing an unprecedented challenge in making these cities not just efficient but also safe and enjoyable. How can technology help? What role can the Internet-of-Things play? SAP has worked with a number of municipalities around the world to leverage technologies to improve their operations and ultimately make the world run better. We will discuss some of these use cases as well as the underlying technology offering from SAP.


Demed L’Her from SAP. Demed is Vice President and Chief Technical Advisor at SAP. In partnership with SAP’s product development organization, he works to ensure SAP’s technology direction is in line with the needs of its customers and supports SAP’s leadership and long-term vision for growth. While his responsibilities span across all SAP solutions, he currently spends most of his time working on platform technologies such as cloud, Big Data, Internet of Things and business networks. 

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