Föreläsningar | 13 september, 2017


Välkommen på en kort men intensiv dragning om Clojure!

Clojure is a 10 year old modern Lisp that encourages you to write far less complex systems than most Java programmers are used to. Clojure is very functional using values rather than variables. This both removes a lot of pain when writing concurrent systems and simplifies structure over all. Clojure is a hosted language that primarily compiles to Java bytecode and javascript, The interrop is seamless which means that all your existing infrastructure is available. Clojure is hence a great platform for enterprise web applications. It is even possible to compile to the CLR. Clojure strives towards data driven programming where most things are simple data structures rather than complex API:s. Clojure is hence a good fit for microservice architectures and you don’t need to learn tons of new API’s for everything you do. This is a swift introduction that usually get serious programmers hooked. We start with the basics of modern Lisp and end with a selection of nice features.


Stefan von Stein – a Clojure programmer spending more time doing Java and clean code training than lisp. Has been coding both Clojure and Java since their early days, but has also spent a few years doing performance engineering. Stefan advocates simplicity rather than ease to ensure maintainable systems, even in Java.

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