Organizational effectiveness with the Organizational Psychotherapist Bob Marshall

Externt event, Föreläsningar | 3 oktober, 2018

Organizational effectiveness with the Organizational Psychotherapist Bob Marshall

Challenge your current assumptions about work in order to develop and find new approaches to become more effective.

This is a public talk about the “Marshall Model” performed by the originator himself! The Model visualizes how our collective mindset affects the effectiveness of our organization. The Model shows how the effectiveness of any knowledge-work organization is a direct function of the kind of mindset shared collectively in an organization. There is more to Albert Einstein’s famous quote “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” than we usually appreciate.

Target group

This is a public event for people who are interested in the effectiveness of organizations involved with knowledge work, e.g. software development.


Presentation, Q&A. The talk will be in English.


Bob Marshall, organizational psychotherapist.

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