Today’s User Experience with SAP Fiori

Online session | May 18

Welcome to a brief look into today’s User Experience in IT–a short online session.

The IT world is moving fast and with it, the expectations of our users. User Experience is a very important topic which–regrettably–still gets looked over too much in favor for “only” smart solutions. The main culprit: ERP systems. In this short session we’ll be looking at user experience and today’s expectations and how SAP Fiori enables to deliver exactly that!

Everyone is hot on intelligent solutions and systems, integrations and analytics. However the best, awesome, intelligent ERP is almost worth nothing, if the users can’t use it properly. Or if it’s a hassle, an annoyance-then we simply failed. Today’s user expect way more from IT systems, due to the rise of smartphones and other mobile devices and with them, simple apps. Impossible for an ERP you say? I say you have the wrong mindset.

In this quick session we’ll look at user experience (UX) in general and today’s expectations in a brief summary. Afterwards we’ll look into SAP Fiori (SAP’s answer to user experience going forward) and how Fiori enables to create UX that is delightful–a quick introduction.

Please note: this means the main focus of this session is UX in general and SAP Fiori “only”; we won’t be looking into other UX products but stay with SAP Fiori. This session is still for anyone interested in UX in general even without prior SAP knowledge, since what we show, may give inspiration to you and your system.


Melanie Lauber, SAP Fiori expert with UX Design and Design Thinking methodology as background, as well as backend and frontend programming.

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