What we at Nordea did to transform a 750 people program to an Agile Delivery Organization

Externt event, Föreläsningar | 23 januari, 2019

What we at Nordea did to transform a 750 people program to an Agile Delivery Organization

Get inspired and discuss what you can learn from how Nordea transformed a 750 people program to an Agile Delivery Organization with the help of SAFe!

Learn why active involvement of all Leaders was necessary to enable and shape the agile transformation that reduced our lead time by 50% and increased people engagement.

Nordea is in the midst of its biggest transformations in the history of the bank where financing, HR, governance & structure are transformed to align with Agile and Lean ways of working. We both run and change the bank by using Agile and Lean principles.

Core Banking Programme is spearheading this transformation within Nordea.

When Nordea started the programme it was the largest core banking transformation in Europe and today it consists of 750+ people. Now we use the Scaled Agile Framework to run five Agile Release Trains in one large solution.

Who should participate

  • Managers, change managers, agile coaches and everybody who is interested in hands-on experience from a large scale SAFe transformation in a highly complex environment
  • No prior knowledge or preparation is needed

Topics to be covered

We will explain different activities, changes and initiatives that made these improvements happen. We will focus on the following areas and how we worked with them

  • Leadership setting the direction
  • Design the structure for change and align on that
  • Establish a culture and structure for feedback and organizational learning
  • Run the whole journey with professional change management

Key take aways

  • How we achieved active leadership engagement
  • The importance of getting a Systems thinking perspective in place across leadership and all key people
  • How to successfully utilize external expertise to set the foundation for sustainable change


Rolf Häsänen, Nordea; Certified SPC4, Certified RTE – Has managed large scale agile and lean transformations in various industries

Erik Schumann, Avega; Certified SPC4, Certified RTE – Has managed multiple large scale transformations and has worked hands on as Development Manager, Product Owner and Release Train Engineer


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